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9 Signs You Are a Perfect Lover


When it comes to sex, men try to show everything they are capable of because girls’ flattering evaluation after sex is of great importance. Most guys want to be not just average lovers, but they strive to be the best, looking for a woman on primedating.com. They approach sex from the point of view of professionals, paying attention to every detail. Nonetheless, how can you find out that you are really good? There are some obvious signs that can confirm your status as a sex machine. So, put a tick against any coincidence.

1. You’re always interested in your girlfriend’s desires.

Girls say they feel more relaxed with a partner who is interested in their desires and preferences. Discuss with a girl what poses she likes, what she wants to try and whether she likes the ass slaps. Feedback is always important because what is good for one is unacceptable to another.

2. You watch your appearance.

Do you prefer sex with a fat woofty girl or with someone who watches their appearance, goes to the gym and eats properly? The question is rhetorical, but you should demand the same things of yourself. A strong body not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also gives obvious bonuses, for example, when you need to take a girlfriend in your arms. A strong body is your best friend in all situations.

3. You know the female anatomy.

It’s not about that you can determine where her spleen is. You know her body, and you know how to treat it to excite your girlfriend. You know that the tits should be caressed in a certain way and that it is necessary to change the pose to help her get maximum pleasure. You are well aware of her erogenous zones and her preferences.

4. You ask instead of comparing.

A good lover tries to find an individual approach to each girl. Every girl has her own erogenous zones, her own preferences for sex, which, sometimes, are diametrically opposed. So, find out what she likes before you start acting.

5. You speak the body’s language.

More specifically, you speak her body’s language. You see that some touches cause her body to tremble and wriggle, and certain actions have no special effect. Analyze it and do everything so that she wants to be in your hugs more than once.

6. You enjoy every moment.

Mechanical movements even for an hour will not bring great pleasure to a girl. Sincerity, expression, and dedication will be appreciated much more. Go all out every time to make a girlfriend understand how desirable and sexy she is.

7. You can fight your fears.

Everyone has doubts about how good they are in bed, but self-confidence is the main quality of a good lover. If you have some fears, you try to deal with them in any possible way. If the situation is quite difficult, you visit a therapist and don’t neglect opportunities to become better. Develop yourself in sexual terms, work on weaknesses, and confidence will not leave you.

8. You understand that good sex is not always an orgasm.

Every man wants to bring the girl to orgasm, but only a few understand that you can satisfy a girl and bring her much pleasure even without it. There are such characters who literally put pressure on a girlfriend and demand to reach an orgasm. However, it is not about great lovers. Men should try to bring maximum pleasure and work on making the process better each time.

9. You’re not afraid to experiment.

A good lover will not be a slave of stereotypes. You’re not afraid to use sex toys, whips or other attributes of BDSM because you understand that diversity plays a big role. Experiments in bed are necessary to achieve a new level and improve the skills. Remember that a good lover goes beyond the usual framework and is not afraid to leave the comfort zone.

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